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About Us - Tow Sandy

Tow Sandy is one of Utah’s most respected and established roadside assistance service providers. With an excellent track record and commitment to customer needs, we’re leaders in the state and trusted by thousands of people to provide all kinds of essential roadside services, from changing flat tires to assisting with car lockouts.

At Tow Sandy, we believe in putting the customer first. That’s why we’ve designed our cover packages around the things that motorists really need. We know that motoring isn’t without danger or expense, and so we help all of our customers get the best value that they can through our services. With us, customers no longer have to worry about things like running out of fuel, locking themselves out of their vehicles, or finding roadside assistance to tow them to the nearest garage when they have a mechanical issue. With us in support, all their needs are met.

Thanks to our team of highly experienced and professional operators, we can solve most problems by the roadside, including flat batteries, flat tires, and some engine problems, allowing drivers to get on their way immediately.

Tow Sandy believes in quality service. Our services are built on three pillars: rapid service, competitive prices, and convenience.


  1. Rapid Service. We understand that it can be both stressful and dangerous to be left stranded on the road, so we aim to be with our customers as quickly as possible. Our recovery vehicles, located across Sandy, can be with you in short order, providing the assistance that you need.
  2. Competitive Prices. Not all roadside assistance operators offer competitive rates, but at Tow Sandy we do. Not only do we believe in providing an excellent service, but also doing so at a fair price. We aim to provide fabulous value for money, providing customers with a wide range of services to make their experience of motoring more enjoyable – especially when they find themselves in trouble.
  3. Convenience. Finally, Tow Sandy is committed to providing convenient roadside support. We know that things can go wrong on the road, from the mundane to the embarrassing. Drivers can forget to fill up with fuel before a long journey or leave their keys locked in the trunk. No matter what the problem, our engineers have the experience and knowledge to help. Our service is designed as much around convenience and assistance as it is around mechanical and technical skills.


Tow Sandy was set up with the aim of providing motorists with a comprehensive roadside assistance package. We wanted to give drivers everything that they could want from a vehicle recovery service. Thanks to our experience and equipment, there’s practically no situation in which we can’t be of help. Tow Sandy cover is for customers who want roadside assistance that they can rely on, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year.

Thanks to our excellent service, it’s no wonder that drivers all over Sandy, Utah, are joining us. Why not join us too, and start experiencing benefits today?

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