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Welcome to Tow Sandy, your premier towing and roadside assistance specialists in Sandy, Utah. Our mission is to help get your vehicle up and running again when you suffer a breakdown, whether you need assistance by the roadside or towing to a nearby repair shop. With our team of dedicated engineers and mechanics, you can get assistance with all kinds of common breakdown issues all in one place. Sign up for our cover today.

Comprehensive Roadside Assistance With Tow Sandy

At Tow Sandy, we know all about the importance of comprehensive coverage. You could break down at any time for many reasons, and you need roadside professionals by your side who can assist, no matter what the emergency. Remember, not all insurers provide comprehensive roadside assistance as standard. Join us today, and you could benefit from the following services:

Car Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your vehicle is something that happens to the best of us. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, it’s something that happens every day. You could forget that you left your keys in the glove box or accidentally drop them in the trunk while grabbing your golf clubs. With our car lockout service, you can get your keys back quickly, without having to break into your car, damage the locks, or set off the alarm. Our specialist engineers have a “box of tricks” that they can use, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, to gain access to your car, retrieve your keys, and allow you to get on your way.

Worried that we can’t help retrieve keys from your vehicle because it uses an electronic locking system? Don’t be. Our locksmiths can retrieve both mechanical and electronic keys using a variety of manufacturer-supplied techniques, specific to each car.

Being stuck, not being able to get into your car can be a frustrating experience. But with professional roadside assistance, you have peace of mind that should you accidentally lock yourself out of your car, there are people who can help.

Jump Start Services

At some point, the battery in your car will lose charge, preventing it from providing sufficient energy to start your engine. Cells can lose charge for all sorts of reasons: old age, cold weather, leaving the lights on, or problems with the alternator. Our engineers can provide you with a jump start service – a special procedure which can provide energy to start your engine so that you can be on your way.

Jump starts are ideal for all sorts of situations. In cold weather, for instance, you may need to jump start your engine so that the ICE can charge the battery while you drive. But you may still benefit from a jump start even when your battery is degraded. A jump start gets your engine running so that you can drive your vehicle to the nearest repair shop. Suffice to say, our jump start service is flexible, meaning that you’re free to use it in any way that you see fit. Just give us a call.

Fuel Delivery

Running out of fuel on the open road is more than just annoying: it can be dangerous too, especially if you’re stranded on a busy intersection or highway. Fuel delivery services bring fuel to your vehicle so that you can quickly get on your way should you, for whatever reason, underestimate how much gas you have left in the tank.

You can use our fuel delivery service for a variety of reasons. Not only do we deliver fuel if you underestimate how much you’ll need, but also if you have mechanical issues with your fuel gauge or drive an old car that doesn’t accurately display how much you have left. Our fuel service is available to practically all cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks. With fuel delivery, you get peace of mind that no matter where you happen to be stranded, there are professionals ready and waiting to help you get on with your journey. No need to call up expensive out-of-pocket roadside assistance services. No reason to call up friends and family for help. Just a quality, hassle-free service you can rely upon through your standard breakdown cover.


Although Tow Sandy engineers do all they can to repair your car by the roadside, there are some circumstances when this isn’t possible. Sometimes you need to be towed to a garage or repair shop for more extensive repairs and safety reasons.

When might you need to be towed? The most common reason is serious mechanical failure. Once a component like a gearbox, engine compartment, drivetrain or cam belt fails, there’s little that can be done at the side of the road. You need the help of a professional mechanic to make the necessary repairs.

You may also need to be towed if your vehicle has been involved in an accident. Often after a crash, your car no longer functions and cannot be driven to a garage for repair. But even if it will start, it’s still prudent to have it towed: it may be unsafe to drive, and you may still not be of sound mind. With our comprehensive cover, you don’t need to take any risks. Rely on us to pick up your car and deliver it to a location of your choice.

Finally, you may want to consider having your vehicle towed if it has been stolen. Car thieves often damage vehicles, but with our cover, you can haul your vehicle to a repair shop to make sure that it is still safe to drive.

Flat Tire Repair

Whether you own a brand new vehicle or one that’s twenty years old, there’s every chance that you’ll need to repair a flat tire at some point. Our engineers can help you change to your spare wheel or make temporary repairs to the casing using sealants and patches.

Although you may be tempted to repair your tire yourself, it’s not always wise. Lug nuts are often fastened with considerable torque. Undoing them can be a strenuous effort and may not be safe for people with back or heart problems. Also, it could be dangerous to perform a wheel change in some locations, such as beside a busy highway. With Tow Sandy, you don’t have to take that risk. Our specialist engineers can quickly resolve any flat tire issues, allowing you to get on your way quickly.

The Benefits Of Tow Sandy Cover

At Tow Sandy, we know that you want a quality roadside assistance service. Here’s why you should choose us.


Everything You Need, Included In Your Cover

Things can and do go wrong when you’re out on the road. When they do, you want to know that you’ve got coverage with roadside assistance that can do it all, from towing your vehicle after an accident to helping you retrieve keys locked in your car. With Tow Sandy, that’s precisely what you get: a professional service right in the heart of Sandy, Utah, providing every kind of support you might need on the open road.


Incredible Peace Of Mind

Driving without roadside assistance cover can be a worrisome experience. You never know when you might get a flat, break down, or need a tow. Without protection, you’re always thinking about the potential costs of a breakdown, which can be high. Our cover packages give you peace of mind, helping you to stay relaxed on the road. With us, you know that if you run out of fuel, suffer a mechanical or engine problem, or get a flat, you have partners you can turn to who will get you back on your way quickly.


Get To Where You Need To Be

Breaking down is an unfortunate, but inevitable part of motoring. Thanks to all those moving parts, vehicles don’t last forever. But with coverage from Tow Sandy, you can still be on your way, even if you suffer a breakdown issue. We’re able to fix the majority of issues by the roadside, and if we can’t, we can tow your vehicle to a garage of your choice for repairs.


Around-The-Clock Assistance

You don’t choose when you break down, so we don’t limit our hours of service. Whether you break down in the middle of the day or night, you can rely on us to assist, seven days a week.


Fast Response

Being stranded on the road is not only a stressful experience but also potentially dangerous, depending on your location. With Tow Sandy, you get fast local service. We aim to have engineers with you as quickly as possible, equipped with all the tools they need to resolve your issues. For you, and for us, every minute counts, so count on us for not only a comprehensive service but a fast one too.


Competitive Prices

When it comes to choosing roadside assistance, the price is one of the most critical factors. At Tow Sandy, we’re committed to keeping our cover exceptional value for money. In fact, it’s one of the founding pillars of the company. Our rates are competitive because of the range of services that we offer. Remember that with Tow Sandy, you get a range of value-added services, including access to expert locksmiths should you get locked out of your vehicle, assistance with jump-starting, and fuel delivery if you run out of gas.

Start Your Cover With Tow Sandy Today

Choosing Tow Sandy for roadside assistance is easy. We’re focused on providing you with exceptional service, giving you the things you want from your roadside assistance. There’s no reason to be stranded ever again.

Motoring isn’t free from expense or worry. But with Tow Sandy at your side, you dramatically reduce your risk. By signing up today, you’ll no longer have to be concerned about costly breakdown fees. We provide you with all the services you need through a monthly package, allowing you to get more enjoyment out of driving.

We cater to all vehicle types, from luxury sedans to hatchbacks to coupes to vans and motorcycles. Get in touch with us today and find out how much better your driving experience could be with Tow Sandy.

Our Company

Tow Sandy was set up with three goals: exceptional convenience, competitive prices, and rapid service. Thanks to our commitment to customer service – giving people like you exactly what they want – we’ve become one of Utah’s most popular breakdown partners. Our roadside assistance packages offer both excellent value-for-money, the kind of services that motorists most want, and in a convenient manner.

At Tow Sandy, we wanted to provide a different kind of roadside assistance cover. Rather than giving customers services that are convenient for the company, we believe in giving them the services that they want. Not all roadside assistance firms do that. Yes, you want roadside assistance that can diagnose engine failures and carry out repair work. But you also want additional support for the rest of the things that go wrong on the road, whether through your own error or not.

At Tow Sandy, we don’t believe that customers should be punished for making mistakes. Making mistakes is only human. That’s why we take a partnership approach, offering support as and when it’s needed.

Have you locked your keys in your car? No problem. Give us a call. We’ll send out an experienced locksmith to solve the problem straight away. Forgotten to fill up before embarking on a long journey? No worries. Just give us a call, tell us where you are, and we’ll send a recovery vehicle to your location with plenty of fuel to ensure that you make it to your destination.

Our aim at Tow Sandy is to provide a different kind of roadside assistance. With our comprehensive service, drivers get practically everything that they could want from their cover. No matter the situation, you can rely on us to make it better. We’re here for you, seven-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get peace of mind from our excellent cover in Sandy, Utah.

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