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Dead car battery? Need a jump start? We can help!

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Vehicle batteries can fail for a variety of reasons. When they do, your car won’t start, and you can be left stranded.

Jump starts from Tow Sandy help you to get on your way. Once we have assisted in getting your vehicle’s engine running, you can either drive it to your destination or the nearest repair shop for a battery change, saving you the hassle and cost of a full recovery.


How Does A Jump-Start Work?

When a roadside assistant professional jump starts your car, they rely on something called a jumper pack. A jumper pack is a piece of equipment that provides a sudden boost of power to your battery, allowing it to start your engine. The roadside assistant attaches the jumper pack to the positive and negative terminals of the battery and then uses the additional power to turn the starter motor which fires up the engine. Once the engine is running, it is self-sustaining, allowing you to drive your car home or to a local garage for repairs.


Why You Need A Jump-Start In Sandy, UT?

There are all kinds of reasons why you might need to jump start your vehicle.

  • You Left Your Lights On. If you’ve gone out to your car on your drive and found that it won’t start, it could be because you left your lights on overnight. The lights on your vehicle rely on the power supplied by the battery which itself relies on electricity generated by the engine. When the battery runs down, it cannot provide sufficient energy to turn the starter motor to begin the internal combustion process. A jump start from a roadside assistant offers the power you need to start the engine so that you can then recharge your battery to normal levels.
  • The Alternator Has Failed. Alternators are an essential component that helps the battery to charge. When they don’t work, your battery can run flat over time. Usually, problems with the alternator are easy to resolve (sometimes all that’s required is to tighten the connecting bolts), but sometimes you may need to replace the entire unit. A jump start can help get your engine running, allowing you to check your car in at the repair shop.
  • Cold Weather Damaged Your Battery. Cold weather can negatively affect batteries, reducing their power output. In extreme circumstances, you may need a jump start to get you on your way.
  • The Battery Is Old. Over time, car batteries can become degraded. It usually has nothing to do with manufacturing issues: it’s simply a byproduct of battery chemistry. After several hundred cycles of charge and discharge, batteries lose their ability to hold energy and, eventually, can no longer provide enough power to kick start the engine. When this happens, the vehicle fails to start, and you can be left stranded.

Get A Jump Start In Sandy, UT, Today

If your vehicle won’t start, then don’t delay. Get roadside assistance cover today. At Tow Sandy, we can jump start your car, helping you to get on your way.

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